The Timeshare Owner Help Group program has helped thousands of timeshare owners get free from their timeshare, below are some of the success stories.

Lee Hall

As a person determined to obtain a cancellation of my timeshare, I spent a number of years and no small amount of money searching for the right people to help in that objective. I met one expensive dead-end after another until finally I found Timeshare Help Group  who personal assistant, Diana Jones, has been relentless in pursuing my Timeshare Company on my behalf to a successful conclusion. I heartily recommend Diana to any who are equally determined to escape the negative consequences of Timeshare ownership.

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Ann Ryan

Diane Jones has been my case manager almost from the beginning. She was very understanding and able to keep me motivated with the activities she carried out. A year later I have Wyndham off my back and am waiting for one big charge on an account they (Wyndham) incurred with my credit card.

School LIbrary


THIS SERVICE provides exactly what it's name says. Since April of this year, 2014, I have been blessed to deal with this company. They have worked carefully, thoughtfully, accurately, and SUCCESSFULLY to help me and my husband get rid of two timeshares. So, as of August for 1 contract and September for the other contract, we are free of timeshares! Although we enjoyed years of timeshare vacations, our gratitude is endless for their kind assistance of relieving us of the killer burdens of loan and maintenance payments! The case managers are tops! Especially, ** redacted name ** Senior Case Manager. I enthusiastically endorse their program and recommend them to everyone who has or has had timeshare ownership problems!

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Dashaon L

I had my doubt about this all working and it being a scam just to get my money but I am glad to say it all worked out & my contract was canceled. I would like to thank ** redacted name ** for all her help & guidance. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone in need of getting out of your timeshare.


Javier Lopez

This is a legitimate company, I was frauded by two other companies, they were my last hope before I gave up. Saby and Miranda held my hand and not only got rid of my timeshare but also took them off of my credit report. I was denied credit and could not buy a home. Thank God for them two. If you lean on them and follow up with the paperwork they ask for it is true they guarantee to get rid of your timeshare.

Timeshare Out


I was skeptical about this at first. It seemed like we were going to be stuck with this unwanted, useless burden forever but I was gladly wrong. It was a joy to work with this company and our agent, Chelsea. She was very pivotal in this whole process. They delivered on what was promised and assured us that all the pushback from the timeshare company was just part of the process. I highly recommend this company for anyone tired of wasting money on a timeshare. Don't be afraid to take the first step to getting some peace of mind.

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