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100% Guarantee


The program is backed with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

99.7% Success Rate


The program's success rate is 99.7%.

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Program Overview

Our organization is 100% devoted to helping Timeshare owners get released from the financial burdens of their timeshare contract. Our program has helped thousands of distressed Timeshare owners get released from the financial burdens of timeshare ownership.


The truth is most timeshare owners start out on what they believe is an innocent and and exciting tour of a luxurious resort, instead they embark on a well orchestrated tour, led by sales teams that are trained to do one thing, separate you from your money.   


Most tours start out showing you a lavish lifestyle, one most people only dream of. But as the tours drags on and on, tour goers become fatigued, that's when the highly trained sales teams turn on the high pressure pitch to get you to buy. 


Their tactics often involve false promises, misleading words and outright lies to get you to buy.


They often make unscrupulous claims about Timeshare ownership that you won't find anywhere in your contact. It’s a systematic process of deceit, using a luxurious setting, free lunches, dinners and gifts, along with a misleading sales pitch. 


The Good News... We can stop it all!

Our Program FORCES the Timeshare Company to RELEASE FROM YOUR CONTRACT


The program is the most successful of any program you'll find on the internet.  Our program helps thousands of people just like you get OUT of timeshare contracts that you (like so many others) got “pressured” into.


We know we can help you, we're so sure of it that we put our GUARANTEE IN WRITING. 

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"Diane Jones has been my case manager almost from the beginning. She was very understanding and able to keep me motivated with the activities she carried out. A year later I have Wyndham off my back and am waiting for one big charge on an account they (Wyndham) incurred with my credit card."

Ann Ryan



Can you help if there is still a mortgage on our timeshare?

Yes!  We’ve helped thousands and thousands of timeshare owners get out of timeshares with mortgages.


Can you help me if I do not have mortgage any longer on my timeshare?

Yes! Thanks to our nationwide network of attorneys we work with, we have been helping timeshare owners without a mortgage for two years now. This program has been tremendously successful and also comes with our 100% money back guarantee.


What if my timeshare is located outside of the United States?

Yes! We work with timeshares and vacation clubs all over the world including Mexico, Canada, Europe and the Caribbean. Many timeshares outside of the United States have contracts that lock timeshare owners in for up to 99 years. Wherever you own, we can help.


Do you guarantee success?

Absolutely! There is nothing mysterious about what we do. The program is a tried and true process guaranteed to deliver results. We put that guarantee in writing.

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